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Horizon by Simon Hayes – £6,250

Horizon, 2023

Marine grade stainless steel and Corten steel.
78 7/10 × 40 1/5 × 19 7/10 in | 200 × 102 × 50 cm
Edition 2/9

”Horizon” is an exploration of contrast and perspective, inviting viewers to contemplate the intersection of decay and renewal, reflection and projection. With its rusted exterior evoking the passage of time and the wear of existence, juxtaposition against the sleek, mirrored interior symbolising clarity and potential, the sculpture embodies the duality inherent in the human experience.
 The form of “Horizon “ is deliberate, with its sleek base grounding the viewer in the present moment, while the widening ascent draws the eye upwards, towards the expansive vista of the sky and the promise of what lies beyond. In this way, the sculpture serves as both a reminder of our earthly limitations and an invitation to transcend them, encouraging contemplation of the infinite possibilities that await on the horizon.

Kildare based artist Simon Hayes works primarily in steel. Pushing the limits of what he can do with steel in a Man vs. Steel relationship which serves him to push forward. Flexing that tenuous relationship is where the soul and drama come through in the work. 

But there is always more. The visual language begins with a thoughtful inspiration he then questions, advances to sketching the form, and then letting it flow and incubate for however long it needs until the steel and artist work it out in the studio.

Scale, tools, flow and form drive him to the conclusions you see in the private and public installations you see today.

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