Helen Greene

Helen Greene B.A.Hons

Helen’s love of art began at school in Oxfordshire where she had inspirational teachers. She went on to use her artistic and maker’s skills in textiles, completing a degree in fashion textiles at Sussex university. Helen spent her early career travelling abroad working for fashion houses in Europe, before setting up her own design business, successfully designing contemporary commercial knitwear collections.

More recently, Helen has had the opportunity to use her creative talent to follow her passion for sculpture and painting. Her inspiration comes from nature and wildlife and her focus is to portray a meaningful connection through her art.

Helen’s work is emotive and fluid, capturing movement and expression in both her sculptures and paintings.

She sells her work in galleries and teaches Art and Design privately to help others explore their creativity

Alongside her own projects Helen is very happy to work on private commissions of wildlife and animal sculptures or paintings.


Helen loves to sculpt as it is a way of expressing her response to the subject. In studying anatomy, she has become confident in developing freedom and her own unique style. Being sensitive to the spirituality of all creatures, she sculpts with empathy, inviting the viewer to relate and reflect. Helen aspires to show the “inner beauty within, “in all her work. She manages to capture the inner core, grace and nobility of her subject through her own interpretation and spontaneous response to working in clay or wax, resulting in “living” sculptures.

Helen has worked with The Sculpture School in Devon and with The Castle Fine Arts Foundry in Stroud to mould and cast her sculptures in resin or pure bronze. The Bronze sculptures are made using the ancient “Lost Wax “method, which is a highly skilled and labour-intensive process, but one that has remained unchanged throughout history. Helen enjoys working with technicians on patination, giving each unique sculpture even more surface character. Each sculpture takes on average four months to be sculpted, moulded and cast.


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