Georgie Phipps

Georgie Phipps is a ceramic artist based in Cornwall. She has a background in Sculpture, having studied at the University of Gloucestershire and Book Arts which she pursued at Camberwell College of Arts. She has been involved in a variety of site-specific exhibitions and experiential installations in Gloucestershire, Cornwall and beyond.

Recently, Georgie has made a variety of manhole covers with her own designs. She has a continuing fascination for industrial features within our environment; the statuesque and elegant viaducts are seen throughout Cornwall where she lives. She is interested in mankind’s complex relationship with nature, for her the viaduct is an explicit marker of connections between places, which conveys the energy with which man strides through the landscape whilst slowly destroying it.

She has captured the shadows cast by the standing viaducts from a moment in time, whilst the actual shadows cast move around the stack throughout the day.

More information about Georgie and her sculpture can be found at the Newlyn Society of Artists page  and on Instagram at georgie.phipps.9.

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