£1,000 to £10,000Bronze/ bronze resin sculpturesSculpture

Electric Bronze Hare by Jane Shaw – £6,700




Bronze: £34,800 as a limited edition of 9

Jane Shaw on this sculpture:

This large outdoor wildlife sculpture of a running hare, is perfect for the end of a garden or perched on top of a hill, to be seen at every angle.   It will make you smile every time you see it in your garden!

I have  tried to capture a hare, as it moves around the corner, and break-neck speed.  This can be cast in resin, and coloured in a patina of your choice, or it can be in a more traditional bronze resin as a limited edition of 48.  It can also be cast as a bronze as a limited edition of 9 in a patina of your choice.

This bronze wildlife sculpture came to me after I did a couple of smaller hare sculptures.  I did not want to be realistic, but more an idea of ‘hare’.  The fact that I used scrim and plaster to build the sculpture really helped as I could not get too embroiled in detail!

Hares are very discreet wildlife animals…hardly to be seen by the human eye. They run fast, at speeds of about 45 miles per hour, making them the fastest wild mammal in the UK.  What is more, they can speed up and slow down in seconds, hence why they have the ability to change direction incredibly quickly.

So I wanted to show a hare doing just that –  twisting around a corner fast.  I  made it absolutely vast in order to create a statement piece for the garden.  The ears are exaggerated and so are the long legs and big paws.  The movement in the body is accentuated by the way in which I have layered the scrim and plaster.  This creates strong gestural strokes.  Whilst I had the hare sculpture cast with an electric blue patination, you could have a more traditional finish like foundry bronze or a colour of your choice.  It can also be cast in iron (rust colour).  As a bronze, it is produced as a limited edition of 9.

This wildlife sculpture of a larger than life hare looks amazing at the end of a long vista or on top of a slight hill or in the middle of a park.  The sculpture holds its own space.


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