Deborah Stevens

Deborah Stevens is a Somerset based Bronze and Ceramic sculptor, who creates
figurative and abstract forms.

She came into the Art world later in life, just after having her third child, where she went to the
University Centre Somerset, so that she could combine parenting with her realised passion.

To begin with Deborah studied Ceramics and Sculpture and when she realised that Sculpture was where
her future wanted to take her she went on to do her degree in Fine Art.

Deborah has always been fascinated by people so it seemed natural to make human forms that have a
tactile, sensual quality and shape that corresponds with so much that she sees in nature too. Her purpose has always been to present not just the outer form, but the essence of things, to generate an emotional response and fire up people’s imaginations.

Some of her inspiration has been drawn from the enigmatic stone figures of Easter Island as well as
well-known artists like Hepworth and Moore.

When she is not creating something from clay, Deborah works in the Healing world where she offers
Reiki, Meditations and Intuitive Therapy. Spirituality has been very much channelled into her practise.
Sometimes her sculptures emerge directly through her, without any preliminary drawings and with
great intensity, where clay is the perfect medium to work and re-work initially. Then many of her pieces
take on new meaning through being cast in Bronze, a timeless and magnificent medium, which feels a
natural progression to portray her sensual and tactile beings!

Her aim is to combine her therapy/sculptural work and create meaningful pieces that hold therapeutic
value and invite questions on our own mortality and spiritual connection to Mother Earth.

A lovely friend of mine said to me last summer ”I can sense the peace and soulfulness you bring to
your art…it is an expression of you, of life, and the beauty of the formless within form….”

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