Dawn Conn


International figurative sculptor Dawn Conn is captivated by the nostalgia of childhood simplicity, ’joie de vivre’ & embracing life.  For Dawn, her sculptural process is intuitive – an emotional language, the way she sees the world. It starts with imagery of personal experiences, feelings and memories, that aims to evoke the moment – the energy, the glee, our curiosity, the tenderness in our hearts.

Dawn’s sculptures draw on my love of figurative expression, embarking on a journey to capture the essence of my figure, inspired by behaviour, stance and character.  Dawn comments, ‘ultimately, I want people to respond to my work with feelings rather than thoughts.

Dawn undertook nearly a decade-long year journey of academic art education (including art and design studies at the Central St Martins College in London).  She combined it with an organic approach of continued self-instruction and independent study to create her own unique artistic style, fusing techniques, mediums and inspiration.

Discovering the passion for sculpture in 2004, Dawn established a successful sculpture business in 2011 based in Australia and in 2016 returned to the UK. Her bronze and mixed media sculptures can now be found in private and public collections in Australia, NZ, Japan, Ireland, France, Germany, Switzerland, USA and the UK.

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