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Cotswold Lady by Andy Elton – £75,000

About the artist:
Andy Elton – Introduction
In Andy Elton’s long and productive life two distinct but symbiotic careers have run side by side. Both have involved the changing of materials by altering their appearances and, in the process, making what is otherwise dead come alive – for this is the enviable, God-like gift possessed by all artists. His first career was as an artist in sculpture, drawing and printmaking, and especially the casting of small objects in which heavy metal is made light by joyous inscribed images, many of them of a deeply personal but still accessible character. Elton’s first experience of sculpture was at school where he was introduced at an early stage to stone carving. (Those were the days, were they not, when such an activity as stone carving was encouraged in secondary education.) This lit inside him the flame for making art, for crafting objects with his own hands. Imagination made fact. An important recent outcome of this early fascination was the exhibition in London’s Cavendish Square in 2013 of My Lady, the first ambitious figure carving to be sited anywhere in London for a long time.

Cotswold lady: 2014-2017 Title “my lady”

1640mm x 900mm x 1100mm

Stauario Marble

Price: £75,000

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