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Cernunnos by Anne Schwegmann-Fielding – £18,000

Cernunnos is an ancient Celtic Deity and protector of the Forest. As a mediator of man and nature, now seemed more relevant than ever to create such a protector.

157cm H x 90cm W x 80cm D
Recycled vintage plates, mirror and 24 karat gold on glass fragments

Made entirely from hand cut fragments of chipped and broken British plates, the white shards are often the “waste” pieces once the patterned has been selected for its colour and design. Familiar names including Spode, Wedgewood and Burleigh ware see their patterns and makers marks combined to create contemporary sculptures from ancient ceramics.

For Cernunnos, with his wildlife and landscape under threat, the white remains, with hints of colour celebrating nature on his cheeks and on the reverse, depicting the flora and fauna of our world.

*Ideal in an interior setting, where he can greet anyone in an entrance hall or hotel lobby. He can also live outside, but should be covered in the winter months to protect from frost.

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