£10,000 and aboveMetal SculptuersSculpture

Carse by Ollie Holman – £12,500

Carse – Horse head sculpture
Unique one off sculpture
Height 1000mm
Length 1510mm
Deptth 370mm
Weight 20kg roughly

Carse is made from vibrant recycled car panels that have been composed and shaped into form, creating the essence of a horse in motion. The use of this material acts as a homage to horses, as they were the first cars and way of life that transformed the world we know today. This piece aims to celebrate and comment on our human relationship with the horse and transportation itself. 


If you are interested in purchasing this piece, or have questions about this sculpture or any others then please email our sales consultant: tadd@cotswoldsculpturepark.co.uk
or call Tadd Hartland on 07545 648918

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