Brendon Murless

Brendon Murless is a contemporary figurative sculptor based in Dorset.

Brendon creates sculptures for both indoor and outdoor settings, which range from small mantle piece sized to large scale garden sculptures. He takes inspiration from the human form, looking at the complexities of what makes us human physically and emotionally. Brendon portrays this by exploring the body in different forms, poses and materials.

His sculptures are either unique pieces or are limited editions and combine the understanding, knowledge and love of a vast range of materials and techniques in bronze, copper, wood, stone and resins.

For each piece of new work he will start with an idea, but is open to continual exploration of materials to marry them with the desired form. The material informs the shape and finish that the final piece takes.

After studying visual arts and 3D design Brendon continued to develop a passion and knowledge for sculpture, materials and the human form. Over the years he has secured a wide variety of commissions from private and public clients, with work in galleries and collections across the country.

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