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Ass Kicking by Martin Heron – £20,000

Ass Kicking

Material: Stainless & Cor-Ten Steel

Dimensions: Very large, sizes can be provided (please ask)

A donkey set free, unburdened, and as if the voice given it by Dionysus allows it to communicate its deep knowledge and intellectual prowess to the world, it throws its back legs up in celebration. 

The donkey is associated with determination, intelligence, and humility. It is often seen as a symbol of service and self-sacrifice, being used for carrying heavy loads and assisting humans for thousands of years. Often underestimated, the donkey is resilient and strong, symbolising the ability to endure hardship and keep moving forward. 

The donkey is also associated with stubbornness, known to dig its heels in and refuse to move when it senses danger or feels mistreated. 

This is a humorous, playful piece full of fun and echoes of childhood memory.

If you are interested in purchasing this piece, or have questions about this sculpture or any others then please email our sales consultant: tadd@cotswoldsculpturepark.co.uk
or call Tadd Hartland on 07545 648918

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