£10,000 and aboveMetal SculptuersSculpture

Aspiration by Richard Baronio – £15,000


welded stainless steel,

310 cm high,



Richard Baronio:  Artist Statement      

I build my sculptures by welding one small length of stainless steel rod to another, building up forms that, when all the lengths of rod have been welded to each other, no longer look like a number of steel rods joined together.  Instead, the welding itself has created an overall surface which is totally distinct from the individual pieces, and the forms that result are no longer linear and geometric, like the factory supplied rods, but complex organic volumes with intricately varied surfaces.  

 This transformation from the standardized and geometric to the individual and organic underlies my whole approach to sculpture.  I am continuously looking for forms and juxtapositions of forms that I have not seen before, but that remind me of or symbolize for me some previous physical situation or emotional state.  I cannot reproduce the original, but I can conjure up a physical suggestion that hopefully carries some of the emotional energy I found so compelling.

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