Andy Hopper FWCB

‘Andy’s relationship with his work is both passionate and profound. His approach to the work offers a conduit which puts him in direct connection with the source power creator. As wild a claim as this sounds in words, in practice this is a reality. All of the four elements are utilised when creating his work – Earth, Air Fire and Water. Add to this mix the physical material of the bronze and stainless steel, and magic happens !!His artworks are not implied, not an impression of, you are witnessing the smoking barrel of the event.Each piece is a testament of the physical creation of positive energy.’

“Look at my artworks with fresh eyes as pure energy, and will see it for what it truly is.”

Andy Hopper is a British born Sculptor and Master Blacksmith who specialises in hot-forging & forming of high-grade bronze and stainless steel. Creating beautiful artworks which can be enjoyed in the home as a statement piece, or equally suited in a more natural environment outside.

Born in 1973 in London, Andy now lives and works in Dorset England, where his purpose built studio is located.

He has won numerous awards and received international acclaim for his work. Most notably the highly prestigious Tonypandy Cup, awarded by The Worshipful Company of Blacksmiths in 2014, whom also awarded him Fellowship in 2017.

He has held Master-class forging demonstrations and lectures in bronze forging both in England and at the Memphis Metal Museum, USA.

From a very early age Andy was keenly observant of line and proportion. This concern and fascination of form metamorphosed across a variety of mediums before finally being expressed solely in metal.

As well as having an enduring passion for photography, he was a keen fine artist during his teenage years being very influenced in particular by the work of Francis Bacon and Henry Moore. He expressed this through his oil paintings and sculptures. These mediums allowed some intense works during this period.

Analytical by nature, Andy is passionately fuelled and deeply inspired the elemental forces of physics and mathematics, which is arguably the language of the Gods. It is the study of the behaviour of those forces in our Universe which Andy finds truly engaging.

Now, as an accomplished Master Blacksmith, he combines and harnesses the almighty energies of extreme heat and explosive force, coupled with complete freedom of process to manipulate the materials of bronze and stainless steel in a fluid and controlled way.

A wonderful and skilful use of mathematics, hot physics, and an emotional relationship with the artwork being created.


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