Andy Elton

After completing a DipAD in Sculpture 1970.  Andy made his first visit to Carrara in Tuscany. During the 1970s Andy spent many months there carving the marble. Andy’s work can be found in private collections.  In Milan the Museu Pagani. In Tokyo the Art Planning Studio and Fuji Television and in Denver USA to name a few. Andy shows very rarely as showing is not his priority.  He does, however, like to sell his work to a willing buyer.

Currently Andy produces small bronzes in his foundry in Leyton and continues to carve marble at his studio in Normandy.

It is difficult to sum up Andy’s influence on sculpture of the last 30 years.  Suffice to say that during the eighties his foundry produced all the well known bronzes of the time. He continues to encourage younger artists to learn skills and to share in some of his.  

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