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Aelous I by Frederick Andrews – £1,200



Aeolus I is 130cm x 50cm sculptural instrument. A combination of hand forged steel, aluminium, bronze and stainless steel. Fondly known as the ‘aeolian banjo’, Aeolus I is the first design in the Aeolus series.

‘Aeolus’ is a series of sound sculptures that are played by the wind.  The sculpture’s sound is created when the wind blows across the strings, agitating them and creating a series of harmonic tones.

Based upon the concept of the Aeolian Harp, which originated in Ancient Greece, the Aeolus sculptures are designed as tools for reflection and are intended to be used as a medium for the audience to connect to nature and their environment.

The instruments are hand forged, using traditional blacksmithing methods in combination with contemporary fabrication. They are accompanied by a hand forged steel ‘slide’ to play up and down the strings, allowing the user to play the instrument together with the wind.

The sculpture also comes with a stand, as seen in the photos.

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