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Active Surface by Andrew Lee – £2,900lee

“Active Surface” by Andrew Lee – £2900

Sixty-six stainless steel ‘Flags’, each 100 x 75mm, together reveal the beauty of the invisible wind as it pulses across the sculpture. The structure is meticulously engineered so the gentlest puff of a breeze will register.

Stainless steel top frame 170 cm x 73 cm. Support stand 170 cm high from powder-coated mild steel.

Wire, clips and springs all from stainless steel.

Edition: Unique.

Price: £2,900. Ground Fixings extra £75.

Behind all my wind sculptures is the desire to give the viewer a true depiction of the wind’s qualities.

I favour a geometric and anonymous appearance to my work so allowing the wind itself to become the ‘object’ of beauty. Unlike my stand-alone sculptures in the past, here I have opted for a two- dimensional format of considerable width so the wind can be seen to travel in waves across the surface.

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