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1.5ºC by Glen Farrelly – £1,350

1.5ºC    – £1350

Reclaimed wildfire wood (California), reclaimed pine (Wales), 36”x24”, 2021.

Evidence shows that the Antarctic ice sheets are becoming increasingly unstable, and that the Greenland ice sheets could collapse entirely if global temperatures rise by 1.5C – which could happen as soon as 2030 if current trends persist. With this in mind I produced this piece from wood that I salvaged from the Californian wildfires – another direct effect of climate change. The piece has been sculpted to balance precariously, a narrative that is a literal representation of life as we know it. The heart on top also balances as if it can fall at any moment. The heart that represents our love for life also represents the knowledge we hold for what we need to do to reverse these changes. The materials used are all salvaged from the locality of Californian burn areas and near my studio in North Wales.

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