Wendy Stafford

Having had an eclectic career and then being made redundant gave Wendy Stafford the opportunity to explore her real passion for art and start her new career in stained and fused glass.

The imagery in her work is close to nature, sometimes abstract but always colourful. Her unique style of creating large and small-scale pieces blend with the natural surrounds of garden or parkland.

The fused glass flowers can be placed in a range of indoor and outdoor settings. Wendy’s inspiration comes from her Cottage garden and the beautiful Worcestershire countryside, using the glass for colour, texture and light.


In 2018, the Cotswold Sculpture Park has the following pieces by Wendy:

Red Hot Pokers – individually crafted pieces fired to give texture as well as colour.

Pink Foxgloves – blending in with the natural elements foxgloves hand painted before firing in the kiln.

Poppies – always significant and a welcome sight when they fill the cornfields, my interpretation of these beautiful flowers stand tall and proud glowing red in the sunlight.

Delphiniums – tall blue wonders individually crafted to represent these beautiful works of nature.


Found out more, and see more examples of Wendy’s work, at her website:


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