Tanya Russell

Tanya Russell has become well known over the last 30 years for her life-like and vibrant dog sculptures. Tanya’s particular passion is animals and animal welfare, and many of her sculptures have been sculpted to raise money for charities.

Tanya’s training started with an apprenticeship with her sculptor parents, Edwin Russell FRBS and Lorne McKean FRBS. Over the years she has taken on many public and private commissions, nationally and internationally, with many large pieces around London.

Author of Modelling and Sculpting the Human Figure (published by A & C Black, 2012), Tanya is also founder of the Art Academy in London Bridge.

We have four pieces by Tanya at The Cotswold Sculpture Park in 2018. They are:

Demoiselle Crane
Bronze Resin (Limited Edition 12) Price £555.
Foundry Bronze (Limited Edition 12) Price £1,550.
The Demoiselle Crane sculpture was a private commission and is one of my earlier artworks. It was designed to be situated by water and it’s height makes it a nice piece to situate beside or amongst plants or reeds.

Standing Labrador
Limited Edition 25 – Bronze Resin Standing Labrador £1,600.
Limited Edition 25 – Foundry Bronze Standing Labrador £6,750.
For many years an opportunity to commission a dog sculpture from me was auctioned at Battersea Dog and Cats Home’s annual fundraiser. I modelled this labrador Leo as part of a labrador pair for the generous bidder. Leo and Barney were very lively and affectionate and spent quite a lot of the time sitting on top of the garden table.

Cocker Spaniel
Bronze Resin (Limited Edition 25) Price £1,275.
Foundry Bronze (Limited Edition: 25) Price £2,950.
Sophie the Cocker Spaniel was one of the first commissions auctioned at Battersea Dog and Cats Home’s annual fundraiser. Sophie was quite elderly at the time she modelled for me, and several of her daughters were there in her home. Using photographs provided by her owners I sculpted Sophie in her prime.

Jack, Standing Cat
Bronze Resin (Limited Edition 25) Price £375.
Foundry Bronze (Limited Edition 25) Price £1,450.
The Standing Cat sculpture was modelled on Jack, a beautiful, wonderfully characterful British Blue cat. He was commissioned in Bronze Resin, and while be joined by the life-sized Sitting Cat, modelled on his companion. Cat’s are surprisingly difficult to sculpt when you aren’t intending to create a stylistically smooth, round shape. Their musculature and anatomy are often lost in large areas underneath their slinky fur. The challenge is emphasised in poses at rest, as opposed to dynamic poses, so I really think that Jack came out well, and I very much enjoyed creating the heavy darks of his striped coat.

Find out more at Tanya’s website,, and her Facebook page,

Tanya takes commissions, and her pricing for dog and animal sculpture is available on her website.

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