Stathis Dimitriadis

Stathis Dimitriadis’ drive for making art is his curiosity for the daily stimuli of the urban texture. He makes ceramic elements using repetitive processes of throwing, hand-building and breaking. These are joined in assemblages similar to the way we communicate and we organise our thoughts and memories.

Stathis was born in Greece, trained as a potter and Chemical Engineer, attained an MA in Fine Arts at Sir John Cass Faculty of Art and is a member of the Royal Society of Sculptors. He was a finalist at the Broomhill National Sculpture Prize 2016, the RBS FIRST@108 Public Art Award 2015 and exhibited in ceramic Biennials in Spain, Austria, Portugal, Germany and Romania.

Here at the Cotswold Sculpture Park in 2018, we have one of Stathi’s pieces: “An Impossible Thought”.

Find out more at Stathi’s website: and you can follow him on Twitter.


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