Roger Stephens MRSS

Roger Stephens MRSS is a sculptor working mainly in stone, stainless steel and bronze in Salisbury, Wiltshire.
Roger has carved stone from the age of eleven. After running his own business, the urge to work with stone was eventually realised when he trained to be a stone mason.
Carrara marble for “Cardo”, for an exhibition at Salisbury Cathedral.

For the last twenty-six years he has created stone sculpture. He says of stone:

“Working stone is hard physical work, you become almost part of it as you impose your will on such a hard medium. It is this close relationship you have with the chosen stone that I never tire of”.

All his pieces are thought through before he starts carving, rather than letting the stone dictate the outcome. This requires a knowledge of stone which he has acquired over many years in industry and then as a sculptor. The choice of stone is endless, from the beautiful exotic colours of onyx to the dense matrix of granite; from soft alabaster to hard obsidian. All stone can be carved,  all that is needed is the inspiration to turn an idea into the finished piece. “Oh, and a bit of hard work in between!”

Roger has one piece at the Cotswold Sculpture Park this year: SHORE (Carrara marble).  This piece is of a family group, looking out at the future. Where have they come from? What does the future hold? They have arrived at last on a “shore” after a long journey, the father looking out, the mother looking for possible danger and the child looking up for reassurance and guidance. The stone base is Portland Roach and is full of fossils and the timber is a piece of burnt flotsam.

For more details, visit Roger’s website, at

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