Richard Lawrence

Richard Lawrence is a sculptor living and working in London, UK. He has had a studio in southeast London since the early 1980s. At the moment, he has a studio at the Art in Perpetuity Trust, in Deptford, southeast London.

Richard has taken part in sculpture symposiums in China and Italy, and has completed sculpture commissions in China and Brazil, as well as the UK.

His present working practices are mainly modelling in clay and casting into plaster, making use of found objects. He does still carve, but mainly for commissioned work. In 2017, he completed seven sheep carved from oak, for a site on London Docklands.

Richard has three sculptures at the Cotswold Sculpture Park this year, all of which  date from the 1990s and early 2000s: Ship in a City, Ship in Construction and Woman, Cars and Trees.

The idea for the sculpture ‘Ship in a City’ and ‘Ship in Construction’ is derived from photographs of ship building yards in the UK; typical images of ships in dockyards looming above surrounding houses and buildings. Richard says “In ‘Ship in Construction’ I inserted steel in to the stone in an attempt to create the physical energy, the dynamism of construction.”

‘Woman, Cars and Trees’ is based on a theme of which he made many versions. It is inspired by the figure of landscape “Mother Earth”, and also of how children play with toy cars, running them playfully on their mothers’ arms or back, for example.

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