Richard Baronio

Richard Baronio makes his sculpture by welding together short lengths of stainless steel rod. The surface you see is actually stainless steel weld with the oxide remaining on the surface as it forms from the heat of the weld.

He says: “I start by tacking a few pieces together, often just to see how the metal will move and reform from the welding heat. I don’t make drawings or models. As the piece grows, I keep at it until I can’t figure out what to do next. Weeks, maybe months later I return to the piece, cut it up, reshape it, add another part, or decide it is finished.”

Richard has one piece at the Cotswold Sculpture Park in 2017:
“Things I Might Have Done”

Richard says: “I gave it that name because it consists largely of parts cut off from other sculptures. At the time I cut them off, the parts didn’t seem to be adding anything to the sculpture they were attached to.  In my shop, I keep a pile of these discarded pieces and often begin a new sculpture with one or more of them.  In this way, I tell myself, nothing is lost, only recycled.”

For more information and photographs of Richard’s work, visit his website, at

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