Renée Kilburn

Renée Kilburn moved from Sweden to England in 1994 to study Ceramic Design at Central saint Martin’s College of Art and Design in London. During the summers she worked as an assistant to ceramic artist Kate Malone (a judge in ‘The Great Pottery Throw Down’). It was at this time that she got to experience how exuberant and large as life ceramics could be. Coming from minimalist Sweden, she had never seen pots like that before. They truly are a visual feast.

Ceramic flowers.

Achieving BA (hons) degree in 1997 Renée took on a managerial position at a traditional London pottery, casting large, porcelain jars and lamp bases. In 2001 she moved with her husband to Weston-super-Mare and set up a ceramic production studio where they made any ceramic product the clients wanted, mainly casting minimal looking pieces. In 2008 after the passing of her mother, Renée decided to make a change and to concentrate on developing her own fully handmade and exuberant ceramics.

Renée’s work is created by making a basic shape that is either coiled, slab built or press moulded. Then hand modelled details are added, lifting it up from the surface and continuing beyond the rim, giving each piece a sense of movement. The designs are loosely based on what you can find in nature. It is not important to Renée to copy nature, but to evoke in the viewer a smile that one automatically gets when seeing the wonders of colours and shapes in nature.

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