Pete Garrard

Pete Garrard is a sculptor based in Gloucester, UK. He creates a wide range of different sculptural ceramics, with recent pieces based on the human figure and animals, but with a love of gardens and architecture he repeatedly makes pieces to be placed outdoors – in particular, birdhouses.

Pete’s initial inspiration for birdhouses was the vernacular architecture of the Cotswolds, particularly the large dovecote in Naunton. He says “I became increasingly interested in buildings from my travels and particularly by the decorative qualities of the Moorish buildings of the Alhambra and of Cordoba.” Close study of the ancient Chinese brass vessels at the Ashmolean Museum was influential.

He creates multi-layered textured slabs of clay and uses these to construct in a process like carpentry; these are subsequently glazed up to three times, to create a rich patina. The bird houses, containing two or four nest boxes, are designed for small garden birds, especially sparrows who like to nest in sociable groups. 

For more information, and to see more of Pete’s work, visit his website at You can also find him on Instagram @petegarrard.

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