Paul Tuppeny

Paul Tuppeny takes inspiration from museums and memorials. His art has developed around temporal themes drawn from an interest in the way that we present our species to ourselves through the display of material culture. For him, the social motivations that underlie this behaviour seem to address an innate identity of self that transcends the individual and the now. A strand of Paul’s work investigates the human aesthetic response to the temporal processes and the sense of time that the objects and materials that surround us capture and embody.

Paul was an architect for several years prior to choosing a career in fine art. He completed an MA (with Distinction) in Fine Art in 2016, his work ‘Pinned Limb’ also receiving Highly Commended in the National Sculpture Prize in that year. He has since exhibited sculpture and painting across the UK.

He has one piece of work at The Cotswolds Sculpture Park in 2018: Stump (Three). This work forms part of a series that has developed from the ‘Pinned Limb’ works selected for the National Sculpture Prize in 2016 and exhibited at Fresh Air in 2017. These works sought to evoke the sense of a “future past”, presenting reconstructed metallic imprints of branches that accentuate the absence of the original living form. Stump (Three) represents a continuation of some of these themes but, in this instance, taking the form of a single three-metre bronze post. The perfectly straight pole resonates with the organic forms of surrounding vegetation. The apparent simplicity of the form disguises the complexities of its surface which carries the signifiers of decay associated with its living (and dying) arboreal counterparts. The surface patination of the bronze further emulates aspects of the organic world through its variegated green colour, although the metallic shift of the green seems to have the effect of emphasising the schism that exists between our species and that world.

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