Martin Elphick

Martin Elphick makes both human figurative and abstract sculptures, contemporary in style but mostly in traditional materials like stone, bronze and wood.

He says: “The variety in my work arises partly because I enjoy experimenting, but I also accept commissions and respond to curators’ calls for work on specified themes.”

The Wind and the Sea

Martin has exhibited frequently around Bath over the last few years. He is probably best known for The Casting Out (a tableau of ten figures which was installed outside Bath Abbey last year, and before that at the Royal United Hospital, referring to the medieval Leper Hospital), and 16 Million (a book of commemoration for World War 1).

In March 2018, he won the Bath Society of Artists’ sculpture prize at their annual open exhibition (for a piece entitled The Wind and Sea).

He is a founder member of the Cotswold Sculptors Association, and editor of the newsletter ‘Sculpture Loop’ (contact

The Cotswold Sculpture Park has just one piece by Martin Elphick this year:

‘The Seed of Yggdrasil’ takes the form of a giant bronze seed from an ash tree, with an indication of a human female torso in the seed body. Yggdrasil is the tree in Nordic legend situated at the centre of the world, its roots in the underworld and branches in the heavens. In cycles of creation and destruction the world is re-created from the seed of Yggdrasil.

Find out more at Martin’s website:


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