Liane Lang

Liane Lang is an artist based in London. Born in Germany she studied at NCAD in Dublin and completed a BA in Fine Art at Goldsmiths College followed by a Postgraduate Diploma at the Royal Academy, where she graduated in 2006. Her work is concerned with notions of animacy, which she investigates through sculpture, photography and video works.

Many of Liane’s works examine museum objects and the biographies they attempt to narrate, modes of display and the verisimilitude of art objects, particularly figurative sculptures and political monuments.

Recent projects have included residencies in Hungary and Latvia, where the artist used photography and animation to stage interventions with monuments from the Socialist era. She has exhibited widely both in the UK and abroad and her work is held in a number of notable collections.

For more information, and to see some of Liane’s work, visit her website at or peruse her Instagram feed, lianelangstudio.

Lenin in Fragments (click to enlarge)

Lenin in Fragments (150 x 100 x 50 cm) is from a series called Revolutions (see below). It is a small scale imagined reconstruction of the fragmented red granite Lenin resting beneath the Markish sands outside Berlin. Once the proud centre piece of the redeveloped Lenin Square (now United Nations Square) the statue was popular with locals and much protest was ignored when it was removed and buried in 1991.

Liane Lang’s series of small sculptures is based on the statues of despots, now damaged or destroyed. The figures bear the damage of their destruction, melted, bent and broken, they remind only distantly of their once towering forebears. Based on news photographs from the internet, the figures are rendered close to the original materials of cast bronze and stone, making the gigantic monument fit into the hand.The bronze of statues was frequently recycled and the Prussian and Fascist statues may well have gone into the production of the icons of Socialism. Thus the ambitions for eternal posterity of one megalomaniac flows to feed that of another.


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