Julie Grose

Julie Grose was born in London in 1978. She studied at Camberwell Art College before training in the craft of blacksmithing.

Working from her forge near Wallingford, Oxfordshire, Julie undertakes Public Art commissions as well as a wide range of sculptural and functional commissions.

She says: “Forging is a process that enables metal to become malleable. It always gives the freedom to allow a form to evolve whilst being hammered and shaped on the anvil, where, the material can be pushed and pulled into many desired finishes. I thrive on creating works of art that have an instant impact and a powerful essence. My inspiration comes from a wide range of aspects but nature is a key element.”

All of the pieces on display have been carried through a handmade journey from their beginning to their end, making each of them unique. They are:

‘Poppy’. Fabricated mild steel form with an durable exterior paint finish.

‘Owl’. Hand forged barn owl. A coat of clear resin and an oil and wax finish for a timely aged patina finish.

‘Abstract’. Steel, aluminium, copper and brass all interlock to create a balanced and striking form.

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