Jeremy Moulsdale

Jeremy Moulsdale has been working as a sculptor for over twenty years. His elegant sculptures are in both private and public collections around the UK, Europe, Asia and Australia. People respond to their uplifting spiritual quality which is why they are in many private homes and gardens, but also in a church and outside a mental health hospital.

There are two streams of inspiration that drive Jeremy’s work. The first is his exploration of the eastern meditative arts and practices of Buddhism and Zen. The second is his connection to nature and the way we get inspiration from, and interact with the natural world. This love of nature combined with an artist’s eye first led Jeremy to become a garden designer and his extensive experience in creating gardens has made him intimately aware of the unique dialogue gardens and sculpture have, and how they can enhance each other.

Jeremy currently works from his studio by the river Ouse in Piddinghoe near Newhaven, East Sussex.

Find out more at his web site:

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