Jeannette Therrien

Jeannette Therrien studied ceramics and glass making twenty years ago and has been teaching and making beautiful pieces ever since.   She now runs the Clay and Glass Studio in Ogbourne St George just outside Marlborough.

Jeannette runs three classes a week in glass and kiln formed glass and regularly holds taster days and workshops. “I find teaching very rewarding,” says Jeannette.  “There is a real mix of people on the courses, all with their own projects and goals. The atmosphere is fun and friendly and everyone helps each other. If you love colour, you’ll love glass, and it won’t take long to translate what you see into your work.”

There is a permanent display of Jeannette’s stunning work at the studio, which is open to the public for Marlborough Open Studios and by appointment.

Jeannette’s work is inspired by the colours of Wiltshire: bright, bold and dramatic with an ever-changing collection of jewellery, plates, decorative plaques, panels, clocks and sumptuous abstract pieces. Whilst she is encouraging and supportive of her students, she is very demanding when it comes to her own work and the glass is crisp, clear and beautifully finished.

Of Wiltshire, she says:  “I’d never live anywhere else. I really appreciate the benefits of living in a small community, the views and the walking.  One of my favourite walks is from Barbury Castle back along the Ridgeway ending up here at the studio in Ogbourne St George.”

For more details, visit Jeannette’s website, at

At the Cotswold Sculpture Park, Jeannette is exhibiting exquisite leaves and flowers.

Murrine glass.

Both flowers and leaves are made using the murrina technique, which Jeannette learnt in the USA. Murrina is an Italian term that refers to coloured patterns or images made as a glass cane (long rods of glass); the pattern is revealed when cut in cross-sections. You can create reproducible decorative canes and intricate murrine using a Vitrigraph Kiln. These elements can then immediately be used in other kiln-glass projects. The Murrine is then fused to make the flowers and leaves.

The leaves come in a variety of colours. They are all hand made use the Murrine rods which Jeannette has made. They are mounted on a metal rod so they can be set in  the ground. They measure 27cm x 15cm.

The flowers come in a choice of colours. They are all individual, the petals are made using the hand made rods that Jeannette had made previously and placed in a circle. In the center the Murrine has been cut to stand on end, showing an intricate pattern.  The flowers are made in two sizes: small 18 cm across and large 25cm across.



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