James Jones

James Jones is a sculptor based near Devizes, Wiltshire, UK. He is fascinated by our ever changing notion of consciousness … 

By creating forms that juxtapose the scientific with the spiritual, the philosophical with the biological, James explores our belief systems and the systems within the mind/body that create our experience of the Universe.  

“Digital Soul”

The interrelated concepts of unity; opposites; balance; the internal and external; micro and macrocosms; the self and the soul are also examined through his sculptural work.

Many of James’s sculptures involve the use of “zeros” and “ones” that can be seen as a metaphor for mutually dependent dualities such as on-off, male-female, all-nothing. 

At the beginning of his creative practice, James worked in a wide range of media – from recycled materials, wood and stone. After gaining his degree, specialising in ceramics he began teaching at bath college where he taught a wide range of visual arts classes. James has been working exclusively with metal in his personal creative practice for the past ten or so years. He has exhibited his sculpture throughout the UK, including Salisbury Cathedral and his sculpture can also be found in “The King Abdullah Sports City”, in Jeddah.

“Multiple Suns” (detail).

This year at the Cotswold Sculpture Park, James is exhibiting “Potentials”. This piece explores the macro and microcosms of thought. The central form represents a neural synapse which grows outwards looping back on its self to form the whole. The longitudinal lines forming the outside of the work can be seen as a magnetic field emanating from the central point, the origin of the thought.

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