Glenis Devereux

Glenis is an internationally acknowledged designer/sculptor in both fine art and commercially produced sculpture. Self-trained and freelance, she works in a traditional style, mainly specialising in figurative work, with the main emphasis being on grace and elegance of face and form.

Pan full figure (stone resin and bronze)

We have two pieces at the Cotswold Sculpture Park: two busts – one of Pan and one of the object of his desire, Syrinx. (The picture here shows a full size bronze sculpture of Pan.) Both are characters from Greek mythology. Glenis sent us the story behind these characters – follow this link to find it.

About Glenis: 
Her very first sculpture, a life size bust of Elvis Presley cast in bronze, was successfully auctioned at Sotheby’s, Bond Street, London. Although initially sculpted for personal reasons, this work heralded the start of her professional career.

Glenis has been commissioned over the years to design and sculpt for many major international companies, some of which are: Royal Worcester, Spode, Coalport, Danbury Mint (USA) and Franklin Mint (USA).

Victorian artist Cicely M. Barker’s internationally renowned ‘Flower Fairy’ illustrations were brought to life in Glenis’ 3D interpretations, the commissions totalling around twenty different Flower Fairies. Each was produced in a limited edition by Border Fine Art (now Enesco, Europe). Glenis also designed and sculpted the main characters in Peter Pan for the same Company, approved by Great Ormond St Children’s Hospital, London, to which copyright was bequeathed, by the author.

A section of “Water’s Edge”

While, for much of her career, Glenis has mainly been involved in creating designs for worldwide commercial reproduction, in later years, she began to create her own Limited Edition, bronze figurative works. These were shown in Fine Art Galleries.

Her first departure from creating the beauty of the female face and form, was when she was called on to depict her personal version of Pan, the Greek mythological creature, which she very much enjoyed doing.  The sculptures were for a garden at the Chelsea Flower Show, which was awarded Bronze by HRH The Queen Mother.

Glenis grew up in England and later made her home in Australia, where she was granted Australian Citizenship, under the category of ‘Distinguished Talent’. After having lived in Australia for some ten years, she returned permanently to the UK in 2014 and now resides in Buckinghamshire.

Her acceptance into the following internationally recognised Professional Societies is testimony to her ability in successfully spanning the diverse fields of industry and art.  She is the first sculptor to have been accepted into the Chartered Society of Designers.

Member of The Royal British Society of Sculptors
Patron:  HRH Queen Elizabeth

Member of The Chartered Society of Designers
Patron:  The Duke of Edinburgh

For more information and photographs of Glenis’ work, head over to


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