Daniel Cordell

The Artist Daniel Cordell was born in Hertfordshire, 1979. He now lives and creates in Devon. He studied at Loughborough University School of Art and Design, where he proudly gained a first class BA honours degree in fine art sculpture. He also spent three months studying sculpture at the prestigious Virginia Commonwealth University, USA.

Carving by Daniel Cordell

Although Daniel’s skills are broad, and he likes to work with steel and stone, he is instinctively drawn to wood and has specialised in large scale green wood carving and constructing since 2001.

Visiting and living in different cultures around the world has always been a passion for Daniel. From these experiences he has been driven to carve a series of sculptures he calls ‘Dwellings’. His work illustrates styles of homes, from slums to castles. He is not drawn to architecture of any particular period but more the feelings that buildings evoke. He enjoys carving groups of buildings without a plan: they just evolve; one just fits in or joins another, just how many settlements evolve over time. This method feels more like the creativity of sketching, rather than a rigid process like using a pointing machine to carve a figure in stone.

Daniel’s style has evolved over the years. He used to like to sand his sculptures until they were very smooth. Now Daniel is drawn to creating and leaving the rough textural grooves that come naturally to the chainsaw. They can help to describe features of buildings, give energy and flow to surfaces, and allow a level of honesty of the making process to the viewer.

Textures and paints are also used by Daniel to help visually distract from the grain of the timber, which Daniel often finds an annoying distraction to the form of a sculpture.

Daniel loves to create art that viewers of all ages find playful and whimsical. Sometimes his work has undertones of human struggles like poverty or migration, yet they still manage to evoke a fun, intriguing feel.

At the Cotswold Sculpture Park, you will see three of Daniel’s magical sculptures. They are all unique, and each depicts a different style of dwelling. Daniel has carefully selected the best locally, ethically and naturally durable Cypress wood for these sculptures. They are finished with exterior acrylic paints and Danish oil.

See more of Daniel’s work at his website:

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