Amy Vans

Amy’s vibrant acrylic paintings are evocative of the countries where she has lived and her experiences along the way. Notably the vivacious art scene in Barcelona and the intensity of India have fuelled her passion for colour.

In Australia and later Barcelona she was mentored by emerging artist Mirabela Varga, with whom she shares a delight in the brilliance and plastic qualities of acrylic paint.

Her work has been influenced by the light and bustle of Spain with a passing nod to Gaudi’s multicoloured mosaics, by city lights in London and Bristol, and by the waters of the Solent.

She works spontaneously and experiments with different techniques and processes, resulting in a richly textured and interesting paint surface to enhance an arresting image. Only occasionally does her work verge on the representational.

Amy has exhibited widely, including at the Grant Bradley Gallery in Bristol, and the Boundary Gallery in Cardiff.

You can see examples of Amy’s work at her website,


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