Adrian Bates

Adrian Bates is largely self-taught, although he has attended various classes, intensive courses and master classes and is always keen to learn more in a field of inexhaustible possibilities.

He previously worked as a graphic designer and craft teacher, but pottery is his real passion. In 2012 he decided to become a full time professional maker. He says “I have since met with many challenges and successes and am completely hooked!” 

Adrian also regularly teaches classes from New Brewery Arts in Cirencester and The Clay Loft near Nailsworth, which he says he finds stimulating, challenging and rewarding.He shows his work at a number of high quality craft shows throughout the year, through galleries nationally, and from his studio.

Adrian says: “All my work is about relationships; inner space & outer form; symmetry & asymmetry; where they meet and transpose, or transform one into the other. This sprang from my study of calligraphy and typography, but includes many forms – the ebb & flow of water, geological terrains, mathematical relationships and more.” 

Find out more at Adrian’s website: and on Instagram: adrian_bates_ceramics.


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